Porco Rosso: Review/Synopsis

More than a pig | (See Spanish Version)
by: Alfredo Cofre
edit by: TJagger

Porco Rosso depicts the story of a bounty hunter caught up in the middle of a wartorn era. His name is Marco Porcellino, his alias: Crimson Pig.

A highly skilled aerodynamic pilot, who shows an arrogant and cold front, Marco does not recieve a lot of sympathy from the aerial pirates that plunder the Adriatic Sea (Ocean bordering Italy and Croatia). He would be the perfect stereotype cover photo for the Italian Avation Weekly magazine, except for ooone minor problem. Marco, is a pig.

However, this does not set him back any...Marco is actually quite satisfied with being in this state of affairs. Human problems and emotions cannot bother him anymore, like love, lust, and war, but under the pig fat that keeps him humbly protected and sheltered, you shall find a sensitive side to Marco. A side of pride, braveness, and caring for those around him, willing and able to bet his skin for a friend or to challenge the whole world for love. Unfortunately, he will never recognize this lost hope...he'd much rather be relaxing on his lonely island in the sea, sipping on high quality wine...or a fast fly on his hydroplane, the Savoia S21.

Synopsis | (See Spanish Version)
by: Alfredo Cofre

When he beats once again an aerial piracy act, (this time, done by the Mamma Aiuto band, Help Mom) the Adriatics aerial pirates gather themselves and hire a North American adventurer, Donald Curtiss, a candidate to Ace of the Air, a Hollywood actor, and a pursuer of being Preisdent of United States, to erradicate Porco from the air. He accept, more than anything, to prove to the world that he is the best in what he does (and what in he doesnt as well). Anyway, in the Adriano Hotel he finds another motivation as he falls in a deep love (like always) with Gina, the owner of the hotel and the closest friend of Porco, whom she has been in love in a relative secret. Gina is a very suffered woman, she has lost three pilot husbands in the war or in plane accidents, and she keeps no more tears to cry for another man. Curtiss pretends to impressionate her by shooting down Porco _(what a mistake...). However, Porco isnt for such games; His hydroplane is getting old, and needs an urgent repair. When he was flying to Milan, heading to a long-time friends plane garage, the old Piccolo, Porco is intercepted by Curtiss who took an advantage of a failure in Porcos plane engine, and shot him down. And then... and here is when you, my gentle reader, open the website of your favorite DVD dealer, or run to your closer Blockbuster. Because, telling the truth, I have yet even told the third part of the movie, and the images are far more worthy than one thousand of my words.