Porco Rosso: Characters

Marco Pagott (Porco Rosso)
Porco Rosso is a famous bounty hunter in the Adriatic Sea, near Italy. He had his head transformed into the head of a pig for unknown reasons, and doesn't seem to pay much mind to it. He enjoys flying and fixing his seaplane, spending time at the Hotel Adriano, and sleeping on the beach in his secret hideout inside a rock formation. He dislikes air pirates and anyone from the fascist Italian government. He is an excellent bounty hunter, claiming fame from both his pig's head and his high success rate. He used to fly for the Italian air force, but quit a long time ago. He has many friends left over from his days in the war, including Gina and Ferrarin.
Gina is the owner of the Hotel Adriano, which is on an island in the Adriatic Sea. She has been married three times to pilots, all of which died in action in various wars. She maintains her old friendship to Porco, and is one of the few people Porco genuinely respects. She has won the admiration of nearly all the seaplane pilots in the Adriatic. She is a beautiful singer and charismatic host. She worries for Porco's safety, as he ignores the government's laws and likes irritating seaplane pirates.
Fio Piccolo
Fio Piccolo, granddaughter of Mr. Piccolo, was born in America. She is 17 years old, but already shows great promise as a seaplane engineer. She is responsible, hardworking, and friendly. She is not intimidated by men. She can be a little reckless with her decisions, but had good intentions.
Donald Curtis
Donald Curtis is an American pilot staying in the Adriatic for the summer. He is a better pilot than all of the Adriatic pirates. He is proud of his abilities as a seaplane racer and fighter pilot. He is very forward to women, sometimes proposing marriage to them the first time he sees them. He plans on going to Hollywood, and then running for president of the United States.
The Mama Aiuto Gang
The Mama Aiuto gang is the leading gang of seaplane pirates in the area. They regularly attack tourist boats to steal their valuables, and are not above kidnapping and threatening. They are generally not a threat to Porco, though, and he regularly shoots down their plane for a quick bounty. They are headed by a man only referred to as "Boss". The Boss is loud and a little foolish, but he has a respect for women and children and some decent manners, for a seaplane pirate. "Mama Aiuto" means "Help, Mama!" in Italian.
Ferrari is one of Porco's old friends from his days in the Italian air force. Unlike Porco, Ferrari has stayed in the air force and become a major. He thinks that Porco should stop tempting the law and rejoin the air force. Porco doesn't find this option appealing, as he'd "rather be a pig than a fascist."
Mr. Piccolo
Mr. Piccolo is the owner of Piccolo Seaplane Co. and the grandfather of Fio. He has been repairing Porco's plane every now and then for many years. He likes to make money from his business. He is spirited for a man his age. He is protective of his granddaughter and somewhat religious.
Piccolo Women
The men of the Piccolo family have all left to find work, so Mr. Piccolo's work team is made up entirely of women. The women are of all ages. Porco doesn't think that the women can do nearly as good a job as the men.
Frequent Hotel Adriano guests
Many of the more frequent guests at the Hotel Adriano are air pirates. They are united by a common enemy: Porco. Porco pays little mind to them, as they are no match for him in the skies, and Gina manages to keep them from rioting whenever Porco stops by the hotel, since they all admire Gina. It is rumored that they never bathe.
Material Shopkeeper
The shopkeeper sells Porco parts and ammunition for his plane. He shares Porco's disrespect for the government.