Howl's Moving Castle: Characters

Sophie Hatter
Eldest daughter of the Hatters’ family. Starting out with not knowing what to do with her young life, she befriends Howl. And the Witch of the Waste, jealous of their friendship, casts a spell on Sophie, turning her into a 90-year-old woman. After moving into Howl’s castle, her love for him makes her turn young at certain times.
The handsome yet mysterious master of the moving castle. Going by the names Jenkins, Pendragon, and of course Howl, he doesn’t respond to the calls of the royal palace, though he possesses great powers. He spends the rest of his days amusing himself.
Howl’s fire demon, who also holds Howl’s heart. He is the one moving the castle, and is bound on the fireplace by a contract he made with Howl. Making a deal with Sophie, he says that if Sophie breaks the contract, he will turn her into her normal self.
Howl’s apprentice. He does not have a family, and lives in the moving castle, and deals with the people who come to order potions.
Witch of the Waste
A witch who wants to pursue Howl. She had once served at the Royal Palace in Kingsbury, but was sent away and now lives in the Wastes.
Madame Suliman
The Royal Wizard of Kingsbury. She was once Howl’s master, and has much influence in the Royal Palace.
Scarecrow Prince (Turnip)
A scarecrow with a turnip for a head that Sophie saves in the Wastes, and wanting to return the favor, he follows her around.
The King
Sophie's younger sister.
An odd dog who follows Sophie around. He is Madame Sulliman’s errand dog.
Sophie's mother, who also owns the hat shop.
One of Howl's frequent customers, she's a fan of magic.