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  Favourite scenes for each movie Search for Posts by Jiji Report Post to a Moderator        IP Address Go to the top of this page

What are your favourte scenes for each Miyazaki/Ghibli movie you have seen? And among them which are the best?

Late 80s
Nausicaa - Nausicaa on the golden field
Laputa - the collapse of Laputa
Totoro - the bus stop
Hotaru - (nil)
Kiki - Jiji the fake plush and Jeff the old dog, and all the flying scenes *

Early 90s
Porco - the dogfight
Omohide - (nil)
Poko - the ghost parade
Whisper - the flying scenes with Baron
On Your Mark - the whole MTV *

Late 90s and the early 21st century
Mononoke - the dying Didarabocchi burning the grounds
Yamada - the masked moon fighter
Sen - Haku in flight turning from a dragon into a human*
Neko - the final scene of Haru, Baron and Muta falling and being rescued by the crows
Ghiblies - Toshi-chans's super-spicy curry shop *

* the best ones IMO

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Imma steal your movie list teehee

Nausicaa - nausicaa saving baby ohmu
Laputa - reaching Laputa
Totoro - mei on totoro's belly
Grave of Fireflies - filling candy can with water
Kiki - when kiki can't fly and jiji runs off lol

Porco - porco and gina dining
Omohide - young Taeko's family eatting pineapples
Poko - tanukis watching TV
Whisper - violin play
On Your Mark - the whole thing too

Late 90s and the early 21st century
Mononoke - san and ashitaka in the forest after fight in iron town
Yamada - the grandma and the motorcycle gang
Sen - the frog getting swallowed
Neko - whenever haru as a cat
Ghiblies - havent seen

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Gosh, there are so many. But if I had to nail it down to one for each film that I've seen...

Late 80s
Nausicaa - the final glider sequence when Nausicaa allows herself to be targeted in order to show her intent*
Laputa - the Laputa robot guard reawakening to find Sheeta, in the military castle/fort
Totoro - n/a
Fireflies- Setsuko playing by herself at the bomb shelter while Seito is out stealing/finding food, near end of movie *
Kiki - n/a

Early 90s
Porco - The women building the new plane
Omohide - n/a
Poko - n/a
Whisper - n/a
On Your Mark - n/a

Late 90s and the early 21st century
Mononoke - Princess mononoke feeding the inert and weak Ashitaka from her own mouth*
Yamada - n/a
Sen - Train sequence (one of my personal favorite sequenes in any film EVER)*
Neko - n/a
Ghiblies - n/a

* the best ones IMO

And if I had to choose one favorite sequence amongst all those finalists, hands down- the Spirited Away train sequence. It so effectively nails down the difference in Chihiro's character from what she once was at the beginning of the story, yet it is also such a minimalistic scene, since no action is really taking place- it's like the calm after the storm. It blows me away every time I see it.

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Late 80s
Nausicaa - when Nausicaa flies in front of the ship with the Baby Omu
Laputa - when Pazu saves Sheeta of the fire, when she is captive.
Totoro - when Totoro, Mei and Satsuki make grow the tree.
Hotaru - when Seita make fly the fireflies in the "room" (in fact the cave)
Kiki - when Kiki saves Tombo falling, when there's no music.

Early 90s
Porco - the graveyard of pilots in the sky
Omohide - the wonderful, amazing and extraordinary scene of the end
Pompokoko - when the tanuki make reborn the forest and the old Japan.
Whisper - when Seiji and Shizuku play music wuth the grandpa and his friend.
On Your Mark - when the girl flies in the sky.

Late 90s and the early 21st century
Mononoke - the war humans vs wild boars
Yamada - the masked moon fighter
Sen - the train scene
Neko - Haru, Baron and Muta rescued by the crows
Ghiblies - the curry scene
Umi ga Kikoeru - the scene of the reunion with the alumni
howl's moving castle - the sortilege of Suliman on Howl and Sophie, in the king palace.

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Sen - the part where haku and sen freefalls
Mononoke - the scene where ashitaka hugs san after the deer god got pwned
HMC - the part where sophie enters Howls room and just looks at him while he's sleeping
Neko - the last part where they run along the stairs made out of flying crows

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Laputa: When Sheeta and Pazu arrive at Laputa and they were knocked out then they woke up and they were tied together so Pazu picked her up and brought her to the edge of the little thingy they were on....i like just about every scene when they are together...they make such a cute couple and i don't see why they just have to be friends

Nausicaa: when Nausicaa get's shot trying to save the baby ohmu and then her foot get's in the acid but the baby comforts her. and also when Nausicaa dies but all the ohmu bring her back to life

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If only one movie I can choose, I will take "TOTORO".

Favorite Scene:

The Chaski and her sister Mei tellinf their father that the new house could be a ghost house. The father saying to live in a ghost is his dream...

In many traditional societies. If the kids tell the parents they seeing a ghost. (Actually, kids are afraid of ghosts.) the adults often will blame kids and stop kids talking about ghost.

I like the father in TOTORO. He comfort his kids without any trouble. and he make the kids to forget about the ghost. That is a great father.

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I also like the moment in Nausicaa when she saves that little ohmu but my favourite scenes ever are those two in Spirited away and Totoro: Totoro, of course, the bus-stop scene and in Spirited away I like the whole bath-house and every scene in it, especially when Tishiro (I don't know the exact spelling of her name) first finds herself inside.

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Nausicaa - Nausicaa visiting her memories with the younger Ohmu.

Laputa - Pazu and Sheeta during their last meeting with Mooska and gun (gawd, that was so touching), and SHeeta crying on Pazu's shoulder.

Totoro - Mei copying Satsuki in their search for the toilet.

GOTF - Setsuko's death.

Kiki - Kiki and Ursula's time together.

Porco - Porco seeing Fio's plane design.

Only Yesterday - Um, the ending? That was really good.

PomPoko - GHOSTS!!! WOOOO!!! :lol:

Mimi - This one's hard, but I guess it's the rooftop scene.

Mononoke - San being told she was beautiful by a dying Ashitaka, and Ashitaka crying while being fed by San.

SA - On the train. Beautiful in its sad silent solitude.

Neko - The maze, I guess. Nothing spectacular in this movie IMO.

Howl - Sophie speaking up to Madam Sulliman.

Yep, pretty much it. Most of tem are those touchy scenes, but then my idea of a good scene is one where feelings are conveyed strongly.

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Originally posted by fenkashi
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How can you ask me to Choose! Search for Posts by the_baron's_girl Report Post to a Moderator        IP Address Go to the top of this page

My Favoritist is when the Baron is dancing with Haru in the Cat Returns!

Nausicaa-when the little boy has to say the password Valley! to get into the base

Laputa-wow its been a long time since ive seen that! umm I like the point where they are takeing watch for the Pirates and they dont know there listening

Totoro-You meen Golly Wolly Pogs I love it when the dad feels wind coming in through the window and thinks he hear's owl's or somethin?

Kiki-I love it when she talks to the Artist because I want to grow up to be like the Artist ^^

Mononoke-When Ashitaka goes and works with the girls on making the iron ^^ he's so strong!

Spirited Away-When Haku is telling her that she'll be able to see her parents again and he feed's her but then these giant tears come out that was so amazing

I am still in the after shock of watching The Cat Returns though so I am going to be daydreaming alot!


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Tell you what I remember:

Nausicaa: Whew, lots of scenes I like extremely much
Discovering underground caverns with pure sand with Asbel;
Scene with wounded ohmu was SOOO painful, but at the same time very moving...

Scene with railroad chasing - awesomely done!
I liked part where Pazu and Sheeta is on a pirates ship - lots of funny moments, and such... Also Laputa itself was impressive.

Totoro: I don't even know. The sheer innocence there amazes me everytime Mei looks upon some new interesting object (frogs, totoros, sootballs... everything)
But the one most funny for me there is where Mei is visiting school with Satsuki, and is drawing Totoro.

Porco Rosso: Actually evening before gradn competition between Curtis and Pig was the most entertaining/moving piece.

Mononoke: Mononokes bullrush at the Lady Eboshi, and also little, white wood spirits were awesome.

Spirited Away: There is so many episodes I love... Freeingthe air spirit from all kinds of waste, soothballs and their hard work, Chihiros enormous tears, and Haku's words... Train to Jubaba's sister, how Chihiro remembers Haku's real name... All these is exceptionally done!

Howl: Probably Howl and Sophie at the sectret meadow, but I have yet to see the movie on big screen or on DVD, whichever comes forst in my small country...

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I LOVE the ending of Nausicaa. I always get a little teary-eyed. It's like, you can FEEL the characters' grief at (almost) losing their Princess. Especially the kids. They look up to Nausicaa as their big sister...

OYM... the whole thing was awesome. Especially the first ending (those poor cops...) But they didn't give up! That's an admirable trait, even with villains.

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lets see....

mononoke: when san is on top of iron town and runs to kill lady iboshi but then ashitaka stunns them both!!

laputa: hmmm... when the floor falls out on all the people in that weird room

kiki: when kiki saves tombo from falling... it scared me ½ to death

spirited away: when haku is being attacked and chihiro yells some thing like Haku! get u'm! come on!! in the japanese versoin her voice echoed...hehe

nausicaa: when she saves the baby ohmu from the people with the flying pot...

totoro: when they all make the trees grow

proco rosso: when they get in the fist fight and porco fially stands up hehe

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Ok, let's go with it:

Lupin 3rd - cheating a police officer
Laputa - escape from Dora and her sons
Totoro - when girls meet Totoro on the bus station!
Kiki - looking for a city (with that great music )
Porco Rosso - final scene (when Fio kiss Porco!)
Pom Poko - parade! There's a Totoro and Kiki
Whisper - scenes from girl's imagination, with Baron, and when she sing "Country road" with musicans
On Your Mark - all , but the best part is deffinitelly when angel is start to flying
Mononoke - the openning scene
Sen - train sequence - it's so beautiful! And when Chichro tells Haku his real name.
Neko - when King of Cats visit Haru, with his guards
Hauru - when Hauru and Sofie are flying in the city. And Saliman's attack - scene is just perfect!

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Originally posted by starhawk
And if I had to choose one favorite sequence amongst all those finalists, hands down- the Spirited Away train sequence. It so effectively nails down the difference in Chihiro's character from what she once was at the beginning of the story, yet it is also such a minimalistic scene, since no action is really taking place- it's like the calm after the storm. It blows me away every time I see it.

Oh yeah, I totally get that. Brilliantness, that train sequence has suching freakin' atmosphere! Mind-blowing.

I also really loved the two scenes in which Haku & Chihiro run through the flower-hedges (the second time is just Chihiro I think).

There's so many, but I feel the entire sequence in which the really mucky spirit is cleansed and Chihiro is lifted up in the water is definitely worthy of mention too.

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Princess Mononoke : From the scene "the girls fighting in Tatara Ba" to "Ashitaka said 'you're beautiful' with San"
especially when Ashitaka's shot. (Oh!!! my dearie!!!)

Pocco Rosso : The final planes fighting , The Photograph of Fio & the Gangs.
And I like the sky in this movie. (Is that the painting? It's wonderful.)

Spirited Away : Haku & Sen fall together when he turn from dragon to human.
And Haku let Sen back to her parents.

Grave of the fireflies : Setsuko's soul appears in the field with the fireflies and met Seita.

Whisper of the heart : Shizuku sings Country Road with Seiji and the musicians.

Pom Poko : The ghosts parade. (Some of them, I think about Japanese Printing.)

Howl's : The first time when the Howl's castle moving.(It's amazing!!!)

Totoro : Setsuki and Mei have a dispute when she receives a telegraph.
And then Mei cry.

....The other movie....I'll see them again. I've just seen them only once! (Or any never seen before.)

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I'll list the ones from my favorite Ghibli works:

Spirited Away: when Chihiro is riding on Haku's back leaving Granny's house, and she remembers Haku's name

The Cat Returns: when the Baron is carrying Haru up the steps of the tower, and Haru stares at the Baron and blushes when he notices

Whisper of the Heart: at the end when Shizuku and Seiji go to the special spot where he gets inspired, and they watch the sunrise and he asks her to marry him

Kiki's Delivery Service: when Kiki and Jiji set off from their house in the beginning, and they're flying on the broom, and Jiji turns on the radio

Howl's Moving Castle: at the beginning with Sofie in Howl's arms and they're flying

My Neighbor Totoro: when Satsuki and Mei are riding in the catbus at the end after seeing their mother at the hospital, with the Totoro theme

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: the resurrection scene at the end (I cry everytime)


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Laputa, Castle in the Skies: At the beginning when Sheeta floats down into Pazu's arms and when Laputa collapses.

The Cat Returns: The ballroom dancing scene and the scene in the maze.

Spirited Away: The train sequence.

Kiki's Delivery Service: When Kiki and Jiji are flying through the rain, and also when Kiki saves Tombo from falling.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Everytime she soars through the air

Whisper of the Heart: The library scene where Seiji tells Shizuku he'll always wait for her, at the end when they're on the bike, and also when she stares into that cat's eyes and they sparkle.

My Neighbor Totoro: The rainy scene at the bus stop.

Pom Poko: The ghost parade. Awesomeness.

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  Search for Posts by Totoro35 Report Post to a Moderator        IP Address Go to the top of this page

Nausicaa: At the end when Asbel lifts her up in the air.

Laputa: The entire scene when Pazu and Sheeta are on the Tiger Moth.

Totoro: When Satsuki and Mei are on the catbus at the end.

Grave of the Fireflies: I don't really have one.

Kiki's Delivery Service: When Kiki flies over Koriko, and says she likes her new town.

Only Yesterday: When Taeko and Toshio walk/drive off together, and leave 10 year old Taeko behind.

Porco Rosso: When Gina sees Porco, and remembers when they were kids.

Ocean Waves: When Taku looks at Kochi castle and remembers all the memories he has of him and Rikako.

Pom Poko: When the Tanuki's first venture into Tokyo.

Whisper of the Heart: When Shizuku and Seiji are riding on the bike together.

Princess Mononoke: When the forest starts to regrow.

My Neighbors the Yamadas: When they go to collect Nonoko at her Aunt's house.

Spirited Away: When Chihiro sees her parents, after they got transformed back into humans.

The Cat Returns: The Baron and the cat king's swordfight.

Howl's Moving Castle: When Sophie and the Witch of the Waste climb up the stairs of the castle.


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Sen: The scene at the beginning when the ferry boat docks.

Totoro: Mei giving her father the flowers

Porco: * Gina's recollection of her flight with Marco

Mononoke: San feeding Ashitaka pre-chewed food.

Hotaru: * The "No Place Like Home" sequence (very sad, very effective)

Laputa: The robot offering the flower to Sheeta at the grave (I must have a weakness for flower offerings)

Ghiblies 2: The train scene

Neko: Haru flipping the fish on the plate

Conan: Conan and Lana falling together from the tower

Howl: The climb up the castle stairs

Kiki: The herring pie delivery. (Kinda sad, but powerful)

Nausicaa: The baby Ohmu recollection.

Only Yesterday: * The closing credits scene.

Mimi: The last five minutes of the film.

Yamadas: Nonoko getting left at the mall

Ocean Waves: The station platform scene at the end

Lupin: Zenigata showing up with a Japanese patrol car

Pon Poko: The scene with the elders playing cards and handling the gun.

* = Easy Choice

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