Spirited Away: Characters

Chihiro Ogino (Sen)
A hard working, optimistic little girl who matures greatly in the film. Chihiro is forced to change her name to "Sen".
Although Haku helps Sen more than anyone else, he has a selfish side. He performs magic and also transforms into a dragon.
Akio Ogino
Chihiro's father. He has trouble taming his hunger which leads to disaster.
Yuuko Ogino
Chihiro's mother. She worries alot but lets curiosity make the best of her.
Rules over the bathhouse with an iron fist. She loves money and her big baby. She hates her twin sister and abiding to the rules.
Yu-Baaba's rival sister. A heart-warming old witch. She is friendly and forgiving.
Rin (Lin)
Chihiro's one and only friend. She looks after her and makes sure no harm is ever done to her. She has seniority in the bathhouse.
Kaonashi (No-Face)
A masked, cloaked spirit who feeds on the emotions of others. He becomes a gluttonous beast when in the bathouse then reverts to a lonely spirit upon leaving.
Six armed, friendly old man who casts a spell on soot which allows them to grow legs and help run the bolier room.
One of many male frog workers in the bathhouse. He's a bit of a suck up and a taddle-tale.
Yu-Baaba's baby boy. He is afraid of germs at first but, when turned into a mouse, loves every minute of it. He finds his mother is too busy for him and leaves with Chihiro, only to return again.
Yu Bird
Yu-Baaba's watchful eye in the sky. The bird flies around and scouts the perimeter of the bathhouse.
Management of the bathhouse. They obey every order given from Yu-Baaba.
Also management of the bathhouse. Level lower than Chichi-yaku's.
Magical balls of labouring soot. They throw coal into the boiler that heats water for the bathhouse.
Kawa no Kami (River God)
A traditional river god. He's a customer at the bathhouse.
Workers in the bathhouse are all female and known as "bath women".
Three magical bouncing/rolling heads. They express themselves through grunting.
Okusare (Stink Spirit)
A stink spirit that owns up to his name. He is very sluggish and leaves dirt and sludge behind as he walks. Did I mention plants die from the stench?