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Hi All,

Long time Studio Ghibli fan here who is moving cross country and has to part with lots of stuff. I hope it is okay to post this here as I don't see a classifieds section and the forum rules did not specify anything, but I have a large collection of art books in like-new condition for sale and I thought this might be a good place to offer them. Here is a list:

-Art of Kiki's Delivery Service
-Art of Porco Rosso
-Art of Only Yesterday
-Art of Yamadas
-Art of Spirited Away
-Art of Princess Mononoke (English version)
-Archives of Studio Ghibli Vol I-V
-Hayao Miyazaki, Master of Japanese Animation
-Nausicaa Perfect Collection Vol 1-4
-Art of Ocean Waves (I Can Hear the Ocean)
-Princess Mononoke Roman Album
-Porco Rosso Roman Album
-Nausicaa Roman Album

I apologize if this is not appropriate--will delete this post in that case. I'm new to this forum format so not sure how to post pictures but I will try to get something up this weekend if people are interested. Thanks and have a great weekend everyone.


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Hi Dukey,

Welcome to the forums.

There's several of those I'm interested in: Porco, Ocean waves and Only Yesterday. Would you please PM me and we can discuss? Thanks.

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