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Originally posted by paperbullet
On the nausicaa.net mailing list, we've been discussing ways to encourage Disney to release a dubbed version of Only Yesterday sometime soon. We've come to an agreement that the only real reason Disney doesn't want to dub it is not that it would hurt their image (they could just release it through Miramax, which has released far worse films) or copyright (they shelled out for "Whisper of the Heart"; why not Only Yesterday?), but that there's virtually no market for the film. They aren't interested in doing it since it won't make money. So we decided to send an e-mail to Donald and Cindy Hewitt, who are the people in charge of the Ghibli translations and releases. They, as of yet, haven't sent a reply. We contacted them about two weeks ago. But we're sure they'll reply in some way, since we've sent them two messages before and they replied to both.

Have you received a message from Don and Cindy Hewitt?

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