March-ing Through the News

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The Wind Rises Roundup

With the film nearing its North American release date news is arriving at a rapid clip:

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News Roundup

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    S T U D I O   G H I B L I   N E W S

a Night in Fantasia 2006

Paley : 27 Jun 2006

A Night in Fantasia, orchestra performing in Australia to feature Studio Ghibli themes...

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Howls DVD #5 in Japan

Paley : 26 Jun 2006
According to a DVD sales list provided by Oricon, Howl's Moving Castle DVD sales ranked #5 in Japan with 445,151 copies sold.

src: Anime News Network and Studio Ghibli Yahoo Group

Teru no Uta MV

Paley : 22 Jun 2006
Teshima Aoi's single Teru no Uta (Tales from Earthsea theme song) has become a huge hit in Japan, check out the music video available on Memento.

src: Memento and Studio Ghibli Yahoo Group

Books to aid release of Earthsea

Paley : 12 Jun 2006
With the release of Tales from Earthsea in less than three weeks, some new illustrated books will go on sale also...

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Gedo Single

Paley : 11 Jun 2006

Tales from Earthsea Single featuring the theme song by Aoi Teshima -- who is also the voice of Therru -- was released June 5th in Japan. It is now #1 on CD Charts of 7&Y.

Gedo Senki release date announced

Paley : 03 Jun 2006
Gedo Senki (Tales from Earthsea) will hit Japanese theaters on Saturday, July 29, 2006.

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