US Teaser for The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Via @debaoki via @slashfilm

Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

--LLin (talk) 22:29, 18 August 2014 (CDT)

Blu-ray News

Via WTK via The Fandom Post. November 18 sees the release of three films on BD in North America: The Wind Rises, Princess Mononoke, and Kiki's Delivery Service.

A Spirited Away BD is scheduled for release on August 26 in Hong Kong. It'll include English subtitles for importers.

Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

--LLin (talk) 12:34, 15 August 2014 (CDT)

Studio Ghibli (Probably) Not Shutting Down

Kotaku and Entertainment Weekly breakdown the recent kerfuffle caused by comments by Toshio Suzuki on a TV program (Jounetsu Tairiku).

--LLin (talk) 20:32, 5 August 2014 (CDT)

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I Can Hear the Sea

Paley : 19 Jun 2006
I Can Hear the Sea (Umi ga Kikoeru) / Ocean Waves section is updated along with new cast pictures.

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